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White Rabbit: Hoppy Golden Ale for Beverley | Great Newsome Brewery

Alice in Beverley

According to Yorkshire Legend, Beverley’s St Mary’s Church provided ample inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Specifically, the White Rabbit who begins the tale exclaiming “Oh dear! I shall be too late!” can be seen stood on an archway, albeit petrified. Seeing as though Beverley Beer and Cider Festival is just around the corner, we thought we’d take some inspiration from Carroll and make an ale for the behind-schedule bunny.


Our White Rabbit


What beer would a rabbit drink? Why, a hoppy one of course!


You may roll your eyes, but we just couldn’t say no to beer-related puns. And it isn’t half hoppy! We’ve given lovely lashings of grapefruit and citrus to White Rabbit through carefully dry-hopping it with plenty of celeia hops. Add to that a nice full-bodied bitterness and we have our White Rabbit. A little less imaginary than Carroll’s rabbit, ours suits the pint rather than the page!

Beverley White Rabbit: Hoppy Golden Beer

Where can you find it?


As mentioned, we’re making White Rabbit primarily for this year’s Beverley Beer and Cider Festival. Therefore, we’re brewing it in much smaller quantities than a seasonal. We are, however, supplying it to a small number of pubs: ask your landlord!


We’re also running a competition on Facebook and Instagram to win some free tickets for the Festival, so be sure to check those out!


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