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Minicask Club | Great Newsome Brewery

Great Newsome Minicask Club


Here’s the plan:

  • We’ll send you two 5-litre/8.5-pint minicasks every month, with over 10% taken off of the standard price
  • One minicask will be filled with one of our core beers, and the other will feature a seasonal beer
  • No equipment required
  • Cancel at any time
Here’re the beers Cask Club members will be getting this June:
Gallivanting — Our 4.0% fruity golden ale. With each mouthful, a slight bitterness quickly transforms into the sweet tastes of orange and peach. It’s light, zesty, and a perfect little session ale!
Sleck Dust — For those who’ve just come out of a 14 year-long hibernation, Sleck Dust’s our original pale ale. This beer’s got much more of a ‘hoppy’ flavour than Gallivanting, made with the simple (but important) aim of quenching a worked-up thirst. It’s good at that.

Sound good? To sign up for the next batch of minicasks, simply subscribe to Mailchimp and sign up to the direct debit form that we’ll then email to you.


  • Final chance to sign up for June’s minicasks — 26/05/21
  • Taking payments for June’s minicasks — 02/06/21
  • Delivery of June’s minicasks — w/c 07/06/21


Depending on where in the UK you’re ordering to, we’ll need to charge a slightly different price:

  • Local: £30/month
    • HU postcodes
  • Semi-local: £35/month
    • DN 14, 18, 19, and 20 postcodes
    • YO 14, 15, 16, 17, 25, 41, 42, 43, and 60 postcodes
  • Nationally: £40/month


  • Customers may sign up to the Minicask Club at any time.
  • Equally, customers may cancel their Minicask Club subscription at any time by emailing These emails must have a subject line of “Minicask Club Cancellation”, as well as your name and membership number in the email’s body. We will then immediately cancel your membership