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Cask Beer Temperature Your Questions Answered. | Great Newsome Brewery

Warm Beer

Recent surveys have confirmed that the biggest turn off for drinkers when it comes to cask beer is the temperature it is served at. As the cheeky Australian beer advert from the 1990’s confirmed ‘no one wants a warm beer do they?’. As with everything it is not quite that simple but in a time of falling pub revenues serving and storing beer badly is going to turn customers away. What is the correct cask beer temperature?

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Cask Beer Temperature, What Should It Be Stored At?

Put yourself in the position of a publican or bar owner who maybe looking to reduce costs. Turning the cellar cooling off on a day when the pub is closed is an easy way so save money but what effect does this have on cask beer? Cask beers should be stored at below 12 deg C preferably 10 deg C. Warmer than these temperatures and the beer quickly deteriorates effecting both flavour and clarity.  If beer gets above 22 – 23 deg C this can have a irreversible effect on finings which may no longer work. Equally when warm, the active yeast in the beer begins to vigorously secondary ferment resulting in very lively beer and excessive fobbing.

If the cask is stored too cold, near freezing point then chill hazes can form. Chill hazes can become permanent, this is the precipitation of proteins in the beer.

Remember to look at the suggested storing temperature on any cask supplied. Keeping the beer at the correct temperature means that the beer will still be in good condition up to its best before date.

No cellar? Have you thought about cask jackets? These are a great way to keep cask beer cool.

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Cask Beer Serving Temperature, Best Practise.

Not only does cask beer need to be stored at the correct temperature but also served at the correct temperature. Serving at 10 – 12 deg C is perfect for cask beer. Too cold and the beer loses flavour and it can also become too gassy. Too warm and the beer becomes flat which is a turn off for beer drinkers. Remember inline python coolers are a great way to help maintain the correct temperature at the pump if set correctly. They won’t however correct any errors caused by storing the beer incorrectly.

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Top 5 Tips To Cask Beer Temperature.

  1. Maintain the storage/cellar temperature at between 10 – 12 deg C.
  2. When cask beer has been delivered make sure they are placed into the storage/cellar as soon as possible.
  3. If the distance from the storage/cellar to the pump is quite far make sure the beer line is suitably cooled.
  4. Don’t turn off the cellar cooling even for a short time it effects the beer quality. You wouldn’t turn off the fridge if it had food in it would you?
  5. Have your cellar coolers maintained by an approved engineer regularly.

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