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Muddy Boots: October's Session Porter | Great Newsome Brewery

A little history

It’s basic design practise to aim for certain demographics. For example, extremely hoppy and experimental beers are typically aimed at the younger hipster crowd. Porters took this to the eleventh degree, however, in that they were not only aimed at a class or age group, but were especially created for a very particular occupation: the porter. Throughout the 18th and 19th century, these men were a common sight in London. For a decent wage, porters would carry goods all around the city. The work was tiring though; a strong, hearty drink was required to fuel these grafters.* You don’t really find working porters these days (the recent invention of the car has rendered them somewhat obsolete). The beer, however, has done nothing short of flourish, with Muddy Boots being our take on this classic English style.

Muddy Boots

Long story short, we have the porter: dark, rich, and with lovely sweet flavours. Muddy Boots is what you might call our session porter. Made with heaps of black, chocolate and barley malts, it’s got a fantastic chestnut and chocolate flavour to it that you won’t find in our other beers. There’s some of our trademark Yorkshire bitterness in there (of course), but the creamy richness of that malt reigns supreme! At 3.9%, Muddy Boots also has that session-flexibility normally reserved for the pale ales. We pride ourselves on packing lots of flavour into a low ABV, and Muddy Boots is the epitome of that.

As always with our seasonals, Muddy Boots won’t be in pubs for that long. Don’t wait around; try a little bit of English history!

Muddy Boots: October's Session Porter


Where to find it

This year’s batch of Muddy Boots is going all over Yorkshire in its first week! As always, ask your landlord if your local will be stocking this month’s seasonal (don’t wait too long though, because this beer absolutely flew out last year!).


*Civilised folk in Yorkshire would call this Slecking the Dust