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EAST MEETS WEST: Little Valley Brewery Brand Sale to Great Newsome Brewery | Great Newsome Brewery

We are excited to announce that we have a little bit of news, which is we have acquired fellow Yorkshire brewery brand, Little Valley Brewery.

If you are not familiar with Little Valley they are based in Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire. They were set up in 2005 by a Dutch master brewer and his English partner, the two having met while cycling in South Asia and the Middle East. Little Valley has quickly become known amongst beer lovers for its continental slant on all things beer, from wheat beers to saisons, as well as the stalwarts of the range with the likes of Python IPA, Withens Pale, Tod’s Blonde and Stoodley Stout.

Little Valley owners Wim van der Spek and Sue Cooper have said: “we’re delighted to pass on the baton to another family owned, Yorkshire brewery. What impressed us about Great Newsome was their enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring that the Little Valley brand remains organic. As one of the very few organic beer producers in the UK, it’s great to know our legacy will continue”.

Matthew Hodgson director here at Great Newsome explained a little more about what bringing Little Valley to Great Newsome means, ”we are extremely excited to be carrying on the great work that Wim and Sue have done at Little Valley. This opportunity works on many levels especially as ourselves and Little Valley share many core values”.

“Little Valley is known for its bottle beer range available in retailers throughout the north of England. At Great Newsome a greater proportion of our business in sales of our established cask beer range, so we believe that the addition of the Little Valley brand will work very well”

“Our intention is for it to be business as usual for fans and customers of Little Valley Brewery beers. The whole Great Newsome Brewery team is looking forward to brewing the fantastic Little Valley beers with the same passion that both Wim and Sue have.”


Many of you will have a few questions about what and how this could change things for both the Great Newsome Brewery and Little Valley Brewery brands. Here’s the answer to a few questions you may have thought you would like to ask.

Will anything change for Great Newsome Brewery and its beers? No. The range of Great Newsome Brewery beers you’ve come to love and enjoy will continue to be brewed in just the same way by the team at Great Newsome Brewery.

Will anything change for Little Valley Brewery and its beers? Yes and no. Firstly the brewing of Little Valley Brewery beers will move to Great Newsome Brewery another proud Yorkshire brewer. Here at Great Newsome Brewery we have already gained our organic accreditation with the Soil Association so we can brew organic beer. Master brewer and co founder of Little Valley, Wim van der Spek is working closely with the Great Newsome Brewery brewing team to make sure that the quality and taste of Little Valley beers remains the same.

Are Little Valley beers suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Yes, both Little Valley cask and bottle beers are suitable. All Great Newsome Brewery bottle beers are also suitable.

Will Little Valley beers be available in cask? Gradually we will start to introduce some of the Little Valley range in cask format. Contact us for details if you’d like to try Little Valley beers in your establishment.

Where can I buy the Little Valley bottle beers? Firstly whilst we get the Little Valley Brewery back up and running the beers are available from the Great Newsome Brewery online store (click here) and brewery shop. They are also available from many of the existing Little Valley stockists.