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Meet the Team

Here’s a bit about the people bringing you each brew:




Matthew started the brewery in 2007 as a side project to the farm. It was just him running the entire brewery for the best part of a year, too. As you can probably guess by the length of this page, we’ve grown a bit since then.

If you catch Matthew in a rare moment where he’s not working, he’ll either be gardening, riding his bike or planning to do more graft!

Favourite GNB Beer: Sleck Dust



Accounts Manager

Donna’s main job is to make sure that the books and bills are all balanced. Having said that, you’ll also often find Donna packing boxes, chatting to customers and looking after all things logistical.

When she’s not inspecting invoices, you’ll find Donna gardening, reading and going on long walks in God’s own country.

Favourite GNB Beer: Cold Snap





There’s a good to fair chance that you’ll have bumped into Rob during his many deliveries around the county.

However, you may also recognise Rob as a seasoned bass guitarist, talented leatherworker or even Yorkshire’s finest crafter of barbecue sauces! He’s a man of many talents; especially in getting beer from Point A to Point You.

Favourite GNB Beer: Frothingham Best





Joe spends much of his week brewing that brilliant beer you know and (hopefully) love. He’s also concocted some of our newest ales, such as the session IPA Comma. Great beer, that. Bah.

Outside of work, you’ll find Joe baking, stargazing and watching Hull FC. We still haven’t told him about the KR beer (Kit Room Craft) that we brewed a few years ago; let’s keep it that way!

Favourite GNB Beer: Brimstone




Drayman/Brewery Assistant

Rob’s role covers all things cask; washing them, filling them and then finally delivering the delicious beer within to your local.

On top of all of those hats, our Rob is also a man of many hobbies. You might find him watching Rugby league, music concerts, walking outdoors, cycling… I’m surprised he’s got any time to be here at all!

Favourite GNB Beer: Painted Lady







Many in Yorkshire’s pub trade will immediately recognise Doreen’s voice, as she’s been ringing up landlords for about 15 years!

You’ll honestly struggle to find a more hardy, determined person than our Doreen. Additionally, as a former professional baker, she’s kept the whole team going with a weekly supply of treats. I’ve even put a few of her recipes online for you to try ?

Favourite GNB Beer: Sleck Dust





Brewery Assistant

With a keen eye for detail and some serious banter, Jerome’s been quick to learn all things ale over the last year. You’ll most often find him testing the beer right before racking, making sure that it’s a perfect pint for the pub.

Jerome’s also picked up the highly sought-after and very official mantle of “Chief music aficionado”, regularly discussing and debating all things sound as the radio plays and the casks are filled.

Favourite GNB Beer: Fine Fettle




Warehouse Manager

Now, I don’t think you can get much more “Yorkshire Farmer” than Laurence. He’s got a will of iron, a relentless work ethic, and has very likely packed more 12-bottle boxes than anyone. Ever.

Without fail, Laurence always has some daft joke or quote to make your day that much brighter; I honestly don’t know what we’d do without him.

Favourite GNB Beer: Finkle





If you’re a regular to a nearby local, you’ve probably bumped into Rich carting casks and ‘barrowing bottles to and fro.

Outside of the speedy delivery of tasty beer, Richard possesses extraordinary skill as a silversmith. The man’s made some absolutely brilliant, intricate jewellery, yet he still finds the time to make both cider and beer of his own; save some talent for the rest of us, Rich!

Favourite GNB Beer: Liquorice Lads Stout




It’s Wendy’s mission to get our beer to businesses, pubs and shops. If you own a pub somewhere in Yorkshire, chances are that you probably have a regular natter with her already!

When she’s not shifting ale by the pallet, you’ll find Wendy walking her dog, watching an old Disney film or supping some Koru! ?

Favourite GNB Beer: Koru OR Brimstone






Steph is the newest member of our sales team and, just like Doreen and Wendy, will be in the office to answer any enquiries.

When she’s not here with us, you’ll likely find Steph in the gym or the theatre.

Favourite GNB Beer: Sleck Dust







Head Brewer

Like Joe, James spends much of his week brewing. You’ll often find the lad poking around with spreadsheets, microscopes and strange devices that go beep.

James’ obsessions are music, books and stout. That’s them in separation, mind; I don’t think that anyone’s written songs about beer in books!

Favourite GNB Beer: Jem’s Stout