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Stoney Binks | Great Newsome Brewery

Stoney Binks

Blast from the past: Stoney Binks was one of our original five beers from when we began brewing in 2007. We’ve not brewed it for a few years, but it’s certainly not been forgotten. On the contrary: we’ve had landlords, storegoers and customers all asking us to bring back the bitter. It’d be rude not to!

Stoney Binks

For those unfamiliar, the best way to describe Stoney Binks is ‘English-bitter’. It gets the bulk of its flavour from the malt, with afternotes of nuts and toffee. Binks has some hoppy flavours, but not the fruity tastes you might expect from bitters using American Hops (eg: Frothingham Best). Instead, the hops here support that malty flavour with just a slight bitterness to bring it all together. All in all, Stoney Binks is a traditional session bitter to the core.


What’s in a name?

‘Stony Binks’ is the name of the sand and gravel shoals just off of Spurn Point (which we’re quite near). This bank of rock is mostly hidden by high tides, and actually extends a few miles into the east. This tricky network of stone teeth caused many a shipwreck, and navigators relied entirely on Easington’s lighthouses to stay afloat. I’d recommend checking out Tom Marshall’s article if you’re interested in learning more on Spurn.

Don’t worry: Stoney Binks is sailor-friendly.


As with all of our seasonal beers, ask your landlord whether they’ll be stocking Stoney Binks. We’re only brewing it for one month though, so don’t miss it!

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