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Ploughman's Pride: Back in the Cask | Great Newsome Brewery

Ploughman's Pride

Masters of all that is Steel, Horse,

And sometimes Ox,

They’ll till the earth,

‘Till the earth stops.

Who are we?

Fortunately for you, the fact that you’re reading an article entitled Ploughman’s Pride means you already know the answer! Riddles aside though, our farming background and history is something we’re always keen to take with us and reference. We’ve not reached the point where we can brew beer from within a tractor*, but we can at least recreate what our ancestors would’ve drunk.



Ploughman’s Pride is darker than your typical best-bitter. It’s certainly no stout, but it does mean there’s more of that malty flavour present. Riding atop those sweet, rich waves of flavour is a very slight hoppy bitterness — it’s never overpowering, just a bit of an edge.

One of our core brewing aims is making easy-drinking ales with great flavour. Out of all of our beers, Ploughman’s Pride is the epitome of that ethos. It’s got that smoothness and low abv of normal session beers, and yet it just packs heaps of flavour in.

Availability of Ploughman’s Pride

We’ve whipped a small batch of Ploughman’s Pride this time around, and that means availability will be limited. Check with your landlord to see if your local will be stocking some.

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