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Debut: New Brewery, New Beer | Great Newsome Brewery


So, we’ve nearly finished upgrading the brewery. Very nearly. The fermenters are in place, the boiler’s operational, and we’ve given it some all snazzy green paint. In fact, the only thing we really have left to do is use the damn thing! To mark the new kit’s maiden voyage, we’ve decided to brew a special, one-time only beer: Debut.


Debut: Three Things To Know

  • Anglo-American Hops: We’ve used a combination of hops for a nice floral finish. Debut has more of that hoppy flavour than our other ales but stays well clear of over-powering.
  • Pale Ale: Coincidentally, the very first beer we brewed on our old kit was another pale ale. I suppose it’s tradition at this point!
  • Malty Base: We’ve always brewed with the philosophy that pale ales should strike a balance between those zesty, fruity notes of the hops, and a pleasant malty flavour. Debut gets that yin-yang stability just right with a beautiful biscuit base.


As always, check with your landlord as to whether we’ll be supplying them. That being said: we’re only going to brew Debut once. That’s right: once.

Look, you only get one Appetite for Destruction, one The Stone Roses, and one Led Zeppelin*. This kit can only make its debut once!

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*That’s actually a horrendous example seeing as they went on to make Led Zeppelin II, III, and IV.