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2020 for Great Newsome | Great Newsome Brewery

The New Brewery

Anyone following us on social media knows that, at the time of writing, we’re currently in the process of moving and upgrading everything. We’ll finally be settling into the shiny new building by late-January/early-February; I’ve written at length why/how we’re upgrading here. Suffice it to say that we can’t wait!


We’ll be making a special beer for our first brew in the new brewery: Debut. The first beer we ever brewed was a pale ale, so it seems fitting to do it once again. After all, they say hindsight is 2020.

It’d be criminal to keep all of this to ourselves. So, once the dust settles, we’ll be holding an open day for the new brewery. The Brewers can’t wait to show everyone around the new kit and building; such an event will require ample amounts of samples! We haven’t picked a date yet, but you can be sure we’ll let you all know as soon as we’ve decided.

Newsome Nights

We put on our first open mic night back in September. It was great fun to put on some experimental beers and have a chat with more of you, face to face. Despite its success, we decided to hold off on hosting more in 2019 due to Winter rearing its frosty head. There was also the small issue of moving literally everything into the new brewing building, which is surprisingly time consuming.

Fortunately, Spring is on the horizon. Once the brewery is commissioned and the Sun decides to start emitting heat, we’ll start hosting more Newsome Nights.

Festivale 2020

Pulling pints.

We’ll be holding our annual summer beer festival right on our doorstep once again! Like last year’s Festivale, it’ll be spread across two days. June the 19th (Friday) will be a nice beer and food ‘warmup’ for those camping. The following day (Saturday the 20th) will be the main event, complete with more music, beer, and grub than ever before. We’ll announce further details later on in the year, so stay tuned!

Tip: Follow the event on Facebook.


Stoney Binks: Coming February

One of the things I look forward to writing about here is the return of old favourites. Who doesn’t like seeing an old friend, just for the hell of it?

Stoney Binks

This time, however, is a special one. Stoney Binks was one of the original five beers we produced when we started brewing. It stands apart from our other bitters in that while it has a hop-derived flavour, it’s not the fruity taste you might get from beers using American Hops (eg: Frothingham Best). Binks is a traditional English-bitter, and that means it’s got a much more malty taste to it.

So, we’re bringing it back into casks for February; nothing quite like the classics! You can find out more here.