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How to use a Polypin | Written and Video Guide | Great Newsome Brewery

We’ve had people asking questions about polypins, so we’ve made this short guide to help you get up and running!

If you’d prefer some written instructions:

Step 1: Positioning the Polypin

Place the box on a cool stable surface. The side labelled “Instructions” should be in contact with the surface, and the “Traditional Ale” text should be right-side up. Make sure the cutout on the box face is near the edge of the surface.


Step 2: Wait 24 Hours

We all like clear beer; it looks nice and tastes nicer still. However, the beer must be given time to settle to attain clarity. Simply stick the polypin on a table or in the fridge and forget about it for a day.

Step 3: Access the tap

There’s a little cardboard cutout on the box face; chuck away the smaller bit on the bottom. Then, fold the cardboard flap outwards. You’ll then be able to drag out the tap from the inside of the polypin and nestle it in that semi-circle hole. Next, fold the cardboard back on top of the tap to lock it in place.

Finally, you’ll want to remove the small plastic clip from the tap. This plastic stops the tap from opening from inside of the box; this is great when it’s in transport, but not so much if you’d like a drink! Gently pull it off, and you’ll be ready to do some taste-testing.

Step 4: Pull a pint

With a glass at the ready, simply push down on the tap’s big red button. Easy peasy!

The polypin should last for about 3 weeks once opened and kept cool. When you’re getting to the very end of your polypin, you’ll want to tip it ever so slightly to get the last few pints out.

If you fancy having a crack at a polypin, you should check out our online selection.