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The Chrysalis Range

The story behind our Chrysalis range

By ‘eck, we’re proud of what we brew and where it’s made. Our new range of 8 delightful beers is a celebration of the Yorkshire countryside and takes its name from the abundance of butterflies found right here on our farm.

Each beer is named after a different species and every can is packed full of flavoursome ingredients grown on our land.

There’s ‘Peacock’ which is a double-hopped modern amber beer, a juicy and fresh session IPA called ‘Comma’ and a smooth, hoppy IPA called ‘Skipper’ you’ll love.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, try ‘Painted Lady’ which is a moreish porter with marshmallow flavours. Or you could have ‘Small Copper’, it’s a seriously good malty, bitter session ale.

Of course we can’t forget about ‘Orange Tip’ and ‘Brimstone’ either, they’re both citrusy pale ales but ‘Orange Tip’ is more crisp and zesty whereas ‘Brimstone’ has a slightly floral taste.

The final beer in the range is ‘Monarch’ which was a fantastic limited edition British Pale Ale created to mark the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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We currently only have the Peacock and Comma in the cans for you to purchase. If you’d like to try any of the others in the range, you’ll have to head to one of our stockists for now. Give us a call if there’s a certain type you’d like and we’ll let you know who should have them in for you. We will keep you updated with which flavours we have available in the cans over on our socials.