Light Beer Box


A dozen of our favourite paler ales, complete with a free pack of tasty beer nuts

Save 10% on 12-bottle boxes when you order two or more!

The beers included here encompass a wide range of styles, sure to find you your new favourite tipple!

Included in your box:

2 x Sleck Dust (3.8%) – The pale that started it all! Believe it or not, Sleck’s still our most popular, best-selling beer

2 x Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) – A classic golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness

2 x Cold Snap (5.2%) – It’s a little hoppier than a lager, but smoother than a pale ale. No matter what you call Cold Snap, it does happen to be rather tasty

2 x Tyto Alba (5.6%) – Great smacks of lemon and peach swoop in from above, gliding to the back of the palate for a graceful, well-rounded aftertaste.

2 x Fine Fettle (4.1%) – A golden ale that’s teaming with fruit-hop flavours and a refreshing bitterness

2 x Gallivanting (4.0%) – Our homage to the campervan has a tropical fruit hop flavour, balanced beautifully with a light bitterness.

We’ll also throw in a free pack of Ginni’s Honey Roasted Beer Nuts.