12-Bottle Selection


Not sure what you’re after? Here’s a 12-bottle selection of just about everything!

If you’re new to our beers and aren’t really sure where to start, this 12-bottle selection should be right up your street. There’s a massive range of styles here, from pale ales to best bitters to stouts and porters!

Included in your box:

1 x Sleck Dust (3.8%) – Our original beer and a firm favourite. Blonde and easy drinking

1 x Frothingham Best (4.3%) – A classic best bitter, named “World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5%” at the 2020 World Beer Awards

1 x Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) – A fan-favourite golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness

1 x Jem’s Stout (4.3%) – A mahogany-coloured, traditional stout. Features both rich coffee and deep chocolate flavours.

1 x Liquorice Lads Stout (4.3%) – This award-winning stout features German hops, roast-malt flavours, and real liquorice!

1 x Winter Warmth (4.6%) – Ruby-coloured winter warmer, brewed using British hops and our very own home-grown malt

1 x Cold Snap (5.2%) – A little hoppier than a lager, but smoother than a pale ale. No matter what you call Cold Snap, it does happen to be rather tasty!

1 x Gallivanting (4.0%) – Our homage to the campervan has a tropical fruit hop flavour, balanced beautifully with a light bitterness

1 x Koru (4.7%) – A fruity golden ale, brewed using a special blend of British and New Zealand hops. You’ll get citrusy overtones, plum notes, and a nice light malt base

1 x Lazy Wind (4.4%) – Don’t give in to the gale! Lazy Wind is a robust and hearty porter, here to help you ward off the woeful weather.

1 x Tyto Alba (5.6%) – Our brand-new, hoppy pale ale! Great smacks of lemon and peach swoop in from above, gliding to the back of the palate for a graceful, well-rounded aftertaste.

1 x Holderness Dark (4.2%) – A stronger, modern version of the mild that was once the country’s staple beer.


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