12-Beer Tasting Box


A 12-beer selection – 10% off on selected boxes when you order two or more!

If you’re new to our beers and aren’t really sure where to start, this 12-bottle selection should be right up your street. There’s a massive range of styles here, from golden ales and IPAs to best bitters and stouts!

Included in your box:

2 x Sleck Dust (3.8%) – is a blonde, easy-drinking session ale.

1 x Frothingham Best (4.3%) – Our classic best bitter, named “World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5%” at the 2020 World Beer Awards

1 x Cold Snap (5.2%) – Hoppy lager. Best served ice cold!

2 x Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) – A fan-favourite golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness

1 x Newsome Noël (5.0%) – A fruity, mid-strength Christmas IPA

1 x Koru (4.7%) boasts a hoppy flavour unlike anything else. A special blend of traditional British and New Zealand hops, meaning you’ll get citrusy, zesty overtones held down with well-rounded notes of peach and plum. We’ve even had reports of — wait for it — Kiwi! A light malt base tops it all off, giving Koru a smooth bitterness.

1 x Tyto Alba (5.6%) Great smacks of lemon and peach swoop in from above, gliding to the back of the palate for a graceful, well-rounded aftertaste. It’s a perfect pale for a proper pint, named after an extraordinary encounter with a beloved barn owl.

1 x Brimstone (4.1%) A pale, easy-drinking ale.

2 x Holderness Dark (4.3%) Modern version of a classic mild.

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