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The Story Behind The Name - Sleck Dust craft beer | Great Newsome Brewery

We often take it for granted that people know where our beer names come from. It occurred to us that not everyone does. The story behind the name Sleck Dust craft beer goes like this.
Whilst looking for names for the first beers brewed at Great Newsome Brewery located on our farm in East Yorkshire, one phrase came up from time to time which had a certain connection between beer and farming (we are farmers), Sleck Dust.
Father/Grandfather/Great Grandfather to current members of the Hodgson family went by the name of Cec. Cec was looking to fill his time during the summer and help with the harvest. The combine harvester at that time on the farm was driven by farm foreman Bob. The shiny Massey Ferguson combine Bob drove was only a few years old and amongst other things had a cab to offer some protection to the driver on the hot dusty days of harvest. Cec however thought Bob needed some help getting in the harvest and visited the local farm machinery dealership to see what was on offer. In a bed of nettles at the back of the yard was an old, rather worn red combine harvester. After some tinkering he got the machine up and running. This machine however had no cab, so the operator was open to the sun, heat, dust and noise of harvest.
Cec loved running this old combine but by the end of each day he would be covered from head to foot in dust and grime. Although Cec wasn’t a big drinker of beer at the end of the harvesting day he couldn’t wait to open a bottle and “sleck dust”. This was the inspiration for our Sleck Dust our first craft beer.
Back in 2018 we made a fun little video all about Sleck Dust and its story, see it on Youtube by clicking here
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