Pub Box


Bottles, Snacks, Mats, and a Pint Glass. The Perfect Present!

Save 10% on 12-bottle boxes when you order two or more!

Included in your Pub Box:

2 x Sleck Dust (3.8%) – The pale that started it all! Believe it or not, Sleck’s still our most popular, best-selling beer

2 x Pricky Back Otchan (4.2%) – A golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness

2 x Frothingham Best (4.3%) – Our classic best bitter! This moderately-bittered ale was recently named the “World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5%” at the 2020 World Beer Awards

1 x Old Fergie (4.4%) – Our classic, northern English brown ale features a hearty blend of toffee, chocolate and biscuit flavours, all thanks to some carefully chosen British malts.

1 x Liquorice Lads’ Stout (4.3%) – This award-winning stout features German hops, roast-malt flavours, and real liquorice!

1 x The Chairman (4.8%) – A copper-coloured, gluten-free premium bitter that’s just packed with grounded, rich flavours

1 x Fine Fettle (4.1%) – A golden ale that’s teaming with fruit-hop flavours and a refreshing bitterness

1 x GNB-Branded Pint Glass

1 x Bag of Ginni’s Traditional Beer Nuts

1 x Packet of Yorkshire Crisps

An assortment of beer mats

An exclusive QR code for a Great Newsome pub quiz