Polypin of Beer


Available in 10 or 20-Litre sizes. No equipment required. Keeps for 3 weeks once opened

A polypin is one of the absolute best ways to enjoy craft beer from home, and here’re our top reasons why we love ’em:

  1. No equipment required; Simply sit that box down, wait 24hrs, and Bob’s your uncle.
  2. For the amount of beer inside, Polypins take up much, much less space compared to bottles or cans.
  3. Great value; Craft beer polypins are fantastic bang-for-your-buck (or in this case: pints-for-your-pound).
  4. They last for three weeks once opened, meaning their shelf life is absolutely top-notch.

Remember: that’s a box full of our award-winning craft beer delivered straight to your door. Whether you have a home bar or just love a pint at night, polypins are perfect for any lover of good, honest ale.

Keep the polypin cool & allow the beer to settle for 24 hours before serving. This is live yeast we’re talking about here, so your tipple will need that time to look and taste its absolute best. There’s no rush; polypins will last for six weeks from the day we fill them.

First time using a bag-in-a-box? Check out our polypin setup guide.

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