Polypin of Beer


Available in 10 or 20-Litre sizes. No equipment required.

Will keep for 3 weeks once opened if kept cold

A polypin is one of the absolute best ways to enjoy craft beer from home, and here’re our top reasons why we love ’em:

  1. No equipment required; Simply sit that box down and pour.
  2. For the amount of beer inside, polypins take up much, much less space compared to bottles or cans.
  3. Great value; Craft beer polypins are fantastic bang-for-your-buck (or in this case: pints-for-your-pound).
  4. They last for three weeks once opened, meaning their shelf life is absolutely top-notch.

Remember: that’s a box full of our award-winning craft beer delivered straight to your door. Whether you have a home bar or just love a pint at night, polypins are perfect for any lover of good, honest ale.

There’s no need to neck it; just keep the beer nice and cool!

First time using a bag-in-a-box? Check out our polypin setup guide.

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