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Our Quick Guide To Hosting A Beer Festival. | Great Newsome Brewery

Many of you ask us about running your own beer festival, so here is our quick guide on how to run one.


  • Why do you want hold one? This is an important question to ask yourself as it takes a lot of work but with some planning you can make it successful. Is the reason you’re planning one to raise money for charity? If so then you’re going to need lots of willing volunteers to help run the event so you can raise lots of money for the good cause. If you want to run one at your pub or bar remember, depending the size of the festival it will create a certain amount of upheaval, will the effort be greater than the reward. Tip: If you are running a festival for charity get everything you can possibly think sponsored from each beer to the glassware. Businesses love it and if the worst comes to the worst then at least you’ve covered your costs. This what we did, click here.
  • Give people a reason to attend. Beer festivals are held everywhere now, practically every weekend and just look at the selection of beers in your average bar or pub, it’s pretty good. Tip: So you’ve got to make yours special, for example you could have a theme, just breweries from a certain region, pair up food, say a sausage and beer festival or how about holding it in an unusual venue. The advice here is make it different. (This is how we made ours different, here)
  • Make sure the beers good. Here we don’t just mean that the breweries must be up to scratch but also make sure that its served correctly. People are making the effort to come to your festival, make sure the beer is in good condition, served at the correct temperature and get some cool glasses (branded festival ones are a great idea). Tip: If you haven’t got all the equipment to serve, stillage and keep the beer cool, then speak to your local brewery. If you offer to buy some from them they will most likely lend you some equipment for free. Remember no one wants warm beer, do they? (Are you asking yourself what is cask beer? click here)
  • Don’t order too much beer. This may sound like a stupid thing to say and estimating how much to buy is easier said than done but you wouldn’t want to throw away gallon after gallon at the end of the festival, it will certainly take the shine off it. So, make a sensible guess on how much you’ll need and perhaps ask your local brewery about sale return so you’ve some back up casks or kegs to open. Tip: If you’d like a greater selection of different beers but worry that you may not be able to sell it all then look to buy some in smaller pins (4.5 gallon rather 9 gallon) especially the beers that won’t sell so quickly. (Cask beer explained here)
  • Tell everyone about it. Don’t be shy, shout it from the roof tops. There is no excuse nowadays, use social media, banners or local media there is lots of options. Tip: Get local media involved they will love it especially if a charity is involved it makes a great story and advertises your event.


Here at Great Newsome Brewery we love to get involved in helping out beer festivals, from sourcing different beers (our fantastic range can be seen here) to equipment hire and from suppliers of glassware to just general advice. If you are arranging a festival large or small then don’t hesitate to drop us a line by emailing us or calling the team on 01964 612201 as we will be only too happy to help.