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Our Quick Guide To Hosting A Beer Festival | Great Newsome Brewery

We’re often quizzed by customers on how to put on a cracking beer festival. So, here’re a few tips we’ve found over the years!


Give people a reason to attend

In the last few years, there’s been a sharp uptick in the amount of beer festivals being held. You’ve also got to look at pubs; many have got an astounding range of beers on these days.

So, you’ve got to make yours special. A large range of high-quality beers is obviously one way of doing it, but that’s going to be tricky to do if this is your first beer festival. For smaller events, some kind of theme can really make your event stand out. For instance, you could try using breweries from a particular region. Maybe pair up the ale with a food to create, say, a sausage and beer festival. An unusual venue is another technique many smaller festivals employ to great effect.

The advice here is make it different, and you’ll have to get your thinking cap on!

Make sure the beer’s good

I’m not just talking about good breweries — although, you know, good beer helps. What I mean is this: People are making the effort to come to your festival, so make sure the beer is in good condition! You should make absolutely sure that your ale’s being served at the correct temperature, appropriately clear, and tasting fantastic. If that’s all looking good, then some high-quality pint glasses should help turn a good beer festival into a great one.

Tip: If you haven’t got all the equipment to serve and store cool beer, then speak to your local brewery. If you offer to buy some from them, they will most likely lend you some equipment for free. Remember: no one wants warm beer, do they?

Don’t order too much beer

This may sound like a silly thing to say. However, estimating how much beer to buy is easier said than done. You don’t want to be throwing gallons of the stuff away (and your money) at the end of the festival. Try to err on the side of caution here. Again, ask your local brewery about sale or return so you’ve some backup casks or kegs to open just in case.

Tip: If you’d like a wide selection of different beers but worry that you may not be able to sell it all, then look into buying beer in 4.5-gallon pins rather 9-gallon casks. If you want to know more about what cask beer is, check out our article here.

Sponsors can make a huge difference

If your festival’s being run for a charity, then try to get everything you can possibly think of sponsored. I’m meaning each and every beer to the glassware itself. Local businesses absolutely love it when your festival’s for a good cause, so make use of that!

Tell everyone about it!

Don’t be shy; shout about it from the roof tops! Social media, banners, local news companies; these are all great options that you should/must be exploiting. There’re simply no excuses in this day and age, and I can’t stress how important getting the message out there is.

Tip: Get local media involved! They usually love local festivals like these, especially if a charity is involved. It makes a great story and can go a long way in advertising your event.


At Great Newsome Brewery, we love to get involved in beer festivals. Whether you’d like some help on sourcing different beers, hiring equipment, or just want some more tips, then don’t hesitate to email (enquiries@greatnewsomebrewery.co.uk) or call us (01964 612201)!