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Frothingham Best | Great Newsome Brewery

Frothingham Best

Our classic best bitter! This moderately bittered dark ale features aromas of raisins & hazelnuts, a slightly malty base, and resin hop and peach fruit tones for a perfect finish. Named “World’s Best Pale Bitter up to 4.5%” at the 2020 World Beer Awards, following its “World’s Best Bitter under 5%” win in 2013.

Behind the name
South Frodingham, the home of our brewery, was historically known as Frothingham after the village’s main family. With a name like that, brewing was inevitable!

Available In: Bottles, Casks, Minicasks, and Polypins

ABV: 4.3%Type: Best Bitter
Try with: Pasta dishes, Sunday RoastFans will like: The Chairman, Pricky Back OtchanPigs Ear