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Malting Barley Harvest 2022 Complete! | Great Newsome Brewery

That’s 100% of our spring malting barley harvest done ? Imagine how many pints of Great Newsome Brewery beer are in that field!

2022 has been exceptionally dry in this part of Yorkshire, this has meant that malting barley harvest is over 2 weeks earlier than normal. The upside to this is that the grain is so dry that we don’t have the cost of artificially drying the grain so that it stores well over the winter.

At Great Newsome Farm not only malting barley is grown, this year the farm grows winter wheat, peas, oilseed rape, spring beans, spring oats, flax and herbal ley. You can read more about the farm by clicking here.

The spring barley is delivered from the combine harvester back to the farm to be stored. It will then make its short journey up the coast to the maltings to be turned into malt for brewing GREAT beer!

The malting barley harvest was the very thing that inspired the name behind our most popular beer Sleck Dust. To ‘sleck dust’ was to enjoy a beer and clear the throat after a hard day harvesting. This was the days before air conditioned combine harvester cabs and DAB radios…….these youngsters don’t know how lucky they are, back in my day…….

If you’d like to know a little more about Sleck Dust and how it got its name then read on.

If the site of this dust and sun has made you thirsty then you might want to Sleck Dust……..click here to buy your essential beer supplies.