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Wishing a happy retirement to Steve Brown | Great Newsome Brewery

Some bittersweet news – Steve, one of our drivers, has officially retired.


Before coming to Great Newsome, Steve had worked in the police force for the majority of his career. He was a vehicle engineer, and always had a story to share about his time in the force. He also worked in the engineering department of Withernsea High School.

My favourite memory of Steve’s time at the brewery was when we all took part in Tough Mudder together. For those of you who unaware, a Tough Mudder is an obstacle course. Mud, climbing, and electric shocks lay the human soul bare over 11 miles; any sign of weakness or fear will be stripped away. No-one remains quite the same afterwards… unless your name is Steve Brown.

Despite being 47 years older than the youngest member of the team, Steve absolutely wiped the floor with the rest of us. Over the course of 11 miles, we bore witness to a power and will so intense I refused to believe I wasn’t watching a hurricane wearing a human. Damn the obstacles; Steve was the obstacle.

Steve’s strategy was simple: consistent domination. Instead of oscillating between running and panting like us mere mortals, Steve maintained a consistent pace throughout; no matter who or what was in front of him. Steve smiled as he completed the trek as only Steve could, even as electric wires shocked his fillings, and even as we melted away around him.

We all wish Steve a happy retirement. We’ll have had a few congratulatory pints in Amy’s Bar and Kitchen by the time this post goes live, and with good reason: he’s one of the most positive people you could ever hope to work with.

Cheers Steve.