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Winter Warmth: Back in the Cask | Great Newsome Brewery

Winter Warmth

I’ve had enough of this stereotype that Northerners don’t feel the cold. I drink Yorkshire tea, wear flatcaps, don’t pronounce my H’s, and I’m still nithered! It would seem to me that some Winter Warmth is in order.

Assuming your eyes haven’t rolled out of their sockets, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve brought our 4.6% Ruby Ale back into casks for January. We aim for a delicate balance of orange hop notes and subtle spiciness, coupled with a complex mixture of malts to give the ale a nice rounded base. To top it all off, we brew Winter Warmth with 100% British malts and hops.

So, rest easy friends. Beer can’t stop winter, but it can make it feel help ALEviate it.

Where to find it

Just like our other seasonal beers, you can find Winter Warmth in all good pubs. If your landlord’s had our beer before, there’s a good to fair chance they’ll be stocking it. It’s the perfect beer for #Tryanuary!

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