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Why Waste Not Want Not? | Great Newsome Brewery

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, brewing has become a rigorous manufacturing process. Consistency trumps all, and reliability is favoured over heat of the moment improvisation. Unless randomness is deliberately introduced (such as lambic beers), then brewers will want to replicate previous batches as close as their equipment and expertise will allow.

Whilst we’re not wanting to shy away from the precision and consistency you’ve come to expect from us, we also recognize that a certain coarseness can have its place occasionally. A beer recipe that’s a little rough around the edges. Waste Not Want Not is our embodiment of this philosophy. We are constantly experimenting with this beer, sometimes only using ingredients (Did you know we grown malting barley?)left over from previous brews, other times using mostly new ingredients to see what will happen. The result is that the beer will never be the same between brews, similar to Brew York’s canned X-Panda.

This constraint has yielded some interesting results for us and has forced the brewers to combine ingredients in ways they may not have initially considered. For example, the first batch of Waste Not Want Not was entirely brewed using British hops (‘Patriotism you can drink!’), resulting in a pale ale with a slight spice to it. This was a rather different approach to our best-selling pale ale Sleck Dust, but successful all the same. The fifth and latest batch (that I’ve just finished racking off) is a triple hopped IPA that even I—as someone who much prefers darker beer—can enjoy. The twist with this one is that we’re experimenting with some new Citra hops, which, as the name hints, give the beer a slight citrusy sourness. Personally, I’d settle with Grapefruit, but your mileage may vary.

If you’re liking the sound of what I’ve just described, I’ve got some important advice for you: Grab some mates, pop down to your local and fill your boots with this stuff, because this beer is limited edition! As (painfully) aware as I am of Brewer Nick’s pride in this batch—seriously, I think he might try adopting it—we won’t make it again. Remember, each brew is different. For all we know, the next batch could taste of gooseberries and chocolate!

I’m exaggerating a little, but my point is don’t just glance at the pump clip and think “Oh, I’ve had that before”, because you probably haven’t.


— James Hodgson

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