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What new beers have you coming up this Autumn I hear you cry? | Great Newsome Brewery

 You are always asking us what new beers we have on the horizon and here are details of what’s new.

If you haven’t already noticed from our beer page we are excited to have some new beers coming up this autumn.


Harvest Festivale 4.7% abv

Not exactly a new beer because we did brew this back in September 2017.What makes it different each year is t

he local honey that we add to it. Our friends at Woldgate honey have told us that this year’s summer honey is delicious and

more like what you’d expect to find in the Mediterranean rather than here in the UK. It must be the fantastic hot summer we’ve just had.

Harvest Festivale is a celebration of harvest and is brewed using 7 different malts, so a proper multi grain brew. Harvest Festivale is only available as a seasonal cask beer with our detailed tasting notes available to view on our seasonal beer page, click here.

Growing our own malting barley, we have added our review of the Great Newsome harvest 2018, this is available on our news page.


Muddy Boots 3.9% abv

As a brewery based on a farm, you’d expect us all to have welly boots and you’d be right. Why we’ve never thought to call a beer this before I don’t know, but now we have and this seasonal porter will be available in October.

Dark with rich roasted malt, Muddy Boots will be available alongside our core cask beer range for the whole of the month. Further information on Muddy Boots can be found on our seasonal beer page, click here.




Hod Me Dods 4.9% abv

This is certainly a beer, where we chose the name just because we liked the sound of it. A ‘hod me dods’ is apparently an old English name for a snail. Which is cool, but we struggled to find the link between snails and beer, until someone mentioned that unfortunately snails succumb to beer traps left out for their gastropod cousins, slugs.

Hod Me Dods is a premium copper beer, which will be available throughout November as a cask beer. A careful selection of hops give a lovely orangey fruity edge and we can’t wait to make available for you to try. Get all the details about Hod Me Dods and all of our beers by visiting our beer page by clicking here.


All 3 of these beers will be available as a cask beers in 4.5g (36 pint) and 9g (72 pint) casks. They will also be available to order as a 20l Polypin.

If you want to be one of the first to try these new beers on your bar then please contact us through our trade page by contacting us here. Our delivery routes and dates can be found here.

They are available for private parties along with our pop bars priced at £93.70 for a 9g cask or £51.50 for a 4.5g cask. Further details of our pop up bars can be found by clicking here and if you’d like to reserve any beer or bars then please contact us.