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Upcoming Markets (September 2019) | Great Newsome Brewery

Here’s what our calendar’s looking like for this month’s upcoming markets. We’ve also included a few for October, although that list will grow as the month approaches. Come and have a chat!

15th September – Cottingham Food Festival

Cottingham Food Festival

Cottingham Food Festival

With the number of stalls finally set to exceed one hundred, this year’s Cottingham Food Festival is looking to be one of gargantuan proportion. The one problem with all of that food is that it tends to leave you rather parched, so we’ll be there supplying our very best bottled beer.

21st September – Newsome Nights: Slecktember

We’ll be holding this a small, ticketed event right on our doorstep. Featuring a bar jam-packed with both classic and experimental beers, local food from Melbourne Butchers and an open mic, we’re all very excited to be putting on something a little different! You can find all the info here.


4th-5th October – Beverley Beer Festival

There won’t any Great Newsome staff present at this one, but we’ll be leaving our beer in capable hands. Not one to miss!

6th October – Beverley Food Festival

I’ve always believed that beer and food can complement each other in so many ways.  With such a massive range of food on offer, lots of beer samples should get our point across. You can find more info here.

Beverley Food Festival

6th October – Humber Bridge Farmer’s Market

Just like every month, we’ll have a stall, bottled beer and friendly staff there. There’s also plenty of fantastic food, art and produce to nosey at. With an emphasis on a family friendly atmosphere, the Humber Bridge market is one of our all-time favourites.