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#Tryanuary – New Resolution. - Great Newsome Brewery Tryanuary

Tryanuary – Chance To Try A New Beer.

A new year is here and we are all trying to be become the ‘new me’. Trying to get fitter, take up new hobbies, improve our diets and for many of us reduce the amount of alcohol we drink. Tryanuary follows this theme of trying something new, by perhaps trying a new beer whether it be a new brand, beer style or visiting by visiting a pub or bar that you’ve not visited before. It also happens to be a testing time for many of our small businesses such as pubs and restaurants with trade difficult, post Christmas. Read about the history of the tryanuary movement here.

Brewery Weekend Holidays.

What’s fantastic about Sleck Dust.

I Drank Far Too Much At Christmas, I Need To Cut Back.

Many of us are saying just this. So rather than abstaining from beer altogether this January why not,

not drink so often.

have half a pint instead of a pint.

enjoy a beer with a lower alcohol content than you usually would, Tryanuary. Their are some great ones out there.

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Visiting The Pub Can Be Good For You.

On these long cold dark winter’s nights visiting the pub with friends can be a great pick me up from the January blues, Tryanuary. A recent University Of Oxford study that moderate alcohol consumption can be linked to improved well-being, due to the social interaction with friends at a local pub. Read on …….

Cask Beer Is Cool

Our New Resolution.

Our new resolution is to create a fitting seasonal cask beer. New Resolution is brewed to beat the January blues, packed with fresh hoppy character, a low abv at 3.7% and an excuse for you to pop to the local pub to help your general well-being.

Tasting notes – New Resolution.

New Resolution is in the pubs now while stocks last. Please contact us to order.

Tryanuary Continues……….

Great Newsome Brewery’s First Canned Beer