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Sleck Dust - Beer Number 1 | Great Newsome Brewery

The Story Behind Sleck Dust

Before you read on watch this video which tells the story of Sleck Dust….click here.

Sleck Dust is our original recipe, brew #1 if you like and has gone on to be our best selling beer accounting for 50% of everything we sell.

As part of our early brewery training we helped at the Museum Brewery in Burton Upon Trent under the watchful eye of the experienced Steve Wellington. Steve made everything look very easy and provided a straight forward basis for recipe formulation plus some recommendations for good hop combinations. Armed with this we wrote our first recipe which became Sleck Dust. Our inspiration at that time came from beers such as Roosters Yankee which was a firm favourite however we wanted to keep the beer British in style. You may think this a contradiction when we used both German, Northern Brewer and American, Centennial hops as well as British, Pilgrim. It was the fact that we wanted to lift the flavour and aroma of the beer with light lemon and delicate floral that Centennial was chosen. At the time as no British hops provided that. Northern Brewer was chosen over classic British Northdown, as long term supply could not be guaranteed.

How Is Sleck Dust Brewed?

The brewery team combine home grown pale ale and wheat malt. This beer is a light pale, blonde if you like, so very little colour is required. Both Northern Brewer and Pilgrim hops provide a great balanced bitterness, incidentally this hop combination we have used again because it works so well. Aroma comes from Centennial hops, but we are not looking for a huge citrus hit, so we go easy on the addition. The recipe is simple, but has to be executed precisely to make this beer the same, brew after brew after brew.

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Sleck Dust What’s In The Name?

Cecil Hodgson, aka ‘The Chairman’ and fore father of Great Newsome Farm, drove the combine harvester on the farm at harvest time. When the farm bought a more combine it was time for him to pass the harvesting mantle on. With boredom setting in he located an old harvester in a bed of nettles at the local farm machinery dealers. The driving position had no cab for protection, it was rusty and a flat tyre but that didn’t matter. Within days the machine was harvesting up and down the fields. After a long hot day harvesting Cecil would say that he couldn’t wait to ‘sleck the dust’. The name for this session beer was born.

Sleck Dust A Great Beer With Food.

Sleck Dust is light in flavour so goes well with delicate thinks such as fish and chips, the lemon notes in the beer pair up really well. It also works really well with spicy food such as a Thai Green Curry or perhaps a hot chilli dish, both veggie and meat versions go equally well. Let us know your food pairings for Sleck Dust.

How To Store and Serve.

We think bottles of Sleck Dust should be stored chilled but not cold before serving. Tip the bottle into your favourite beer glass creating plenty of foam. As the bottle empties tip the glass on a slight angle carefully emptying the bottle. Serving it from a cask then click here for our recommended best practise.

You can have Sleck Dust cask beer at home which is perfect for a party. Here’s how….click here.

Available Everywhere.

Sleck Dust is our most widely available beer. Available in both bottles and as a traditional cask beer. Bottles can be purchased, along with all of our other bottle beers from our online store , which now has reduced shipping charges and ‘pick and mix’ cases. If you’d like to become a stockist or would love it at your beer festival then please contact us.

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