The Beer and Chocolate Bundle


New: We’ve paired four of our favourite beers with some lovely Yorkshire chocolate!

Beer and chocolate is quite a fantastic union. Obviously. So, we’ve teamed up with Beverley’s own White Rabbit Chocolatiers to bring you four different combos!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Sleck Dust with Raspberry & Amaretti (29% White Chocolate)

Step 1) Take one of our lightest, easiest-drinking beers and pair it with some absolutely mouth-watering white chocolate.

Step 2) Consume.

Step 3) Thank me later.

Old Fergie with Lime and Sea Salt (38% Milk Chocolate)

You know, pairing some salty, slightly tangy chocolate with a refreshingly sweet brown ale seems to taste rather good. Damn good, actually.

Pricky Back Otchan with Yorkshire Honeycomb (38% Milk Chocolate)

That local honey really helps bring out that fresh, citrusy sweetness in the golden ale.

Jems Stout with Nuts & Raisin (70% Dark Chocolate)

Both chocolate and stout are united in their deep, rich and dark flavours. The understated, fruit tastes of the raisins contrast pleasantly with Jems Stout’s characteristic bitterness.

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