Complete the Craft Beer Experience With a Box of Pub-Snacks!

Beer & Snacks — Can’t go wrong! These nibbles are all provided by Ginni’s — The leading provider of snacks and sweets across the country.

Included in Your Box:

  • Roasted Salted Peanuts 130g
  • Onion Rings 90g
  • Bacon Bites 85g
  • 2 x pork scratchings 40g
  • Beer Nuts (Spicy) 100g
  • Beer Nuts (Traditional) 100g
  • Biltong (Original) 30g
  • Biltong (Chilli) 30g
  • Roasted Salted Cashews 55g
  • Toasted Corn (Salted) 130g

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