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The Chairman

4.8% - A rich and flavoursome premium bitter, made with a special blend of 4 malts. It's even gluten-free! (Gluten less than 20ppm)

Elderflower Power

4.6% - Elderflower Power is a fruity pale ale made with choicest hops, beautiful malts, and — you guessed it — elderflower!

Sleck Dust

3.8% - Our original (and most popular) beer! Sleck Dust is a straw coloured, easy drinking session ale.

Cold Snap

5.2% - A little hoppier than a lager, but smoother than a pale ale. No matter what you call Cold Snap, it does happen to be rather tasty!

Jems Stout

4.3% - Jems Stout is a mahogany-coloured, traditional dark beer. Our first stout, and it's a fan favourite to this day!

Frothingham Best

4.2% - Our classic best bitter! This moderately-bittered dark ale was named “World’s Best Bitter up to 5%” at the 2013 World Beer Awards.

Pricky Back Otchan

Maths Question: What do you get by adding crystal malt to British, German, and American hops? An easy-going golden ale, of course!

Holderness Dark

4.2% - A stronger, modern version of what was once this country’s staple beer. As sweet and rich as the good old days...

Liquorice Lads Stout

4.3% - This award-winning stout combines heady aromas of Pontefract cakes with German hops, roast malt flavours, and, of course, real liquorice.


5.5% - A fruity, American-style IPA. Finkle takes its name from a popular East Yorkshire street name, which means a road like a dog's hind legs.


4.7% - Koru's our brand-new fruity golden ale, brewed using a special blend of British and New Zealand hops. You'll get citrusy overtones, plum notes, and a nice light malt base.

Yan Tan Tethera

3.5% - We've used all of our favourite British hops in Yan Tan, meaning this blonde-beauty is absolutely crammed with full-bodied, fruity flavour.

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