Host Your Own Beer Festival! We’ll Donate £1 per Box to Charity.

For obvious reasons, we’ve had to postpone our summer beer festival. But fear not! We’ve designed the Festivale-Box to capture as much of the festival-spirit as possible — it’s filled to the brim with beer, cider, snacks, and glasses. There’s even a Spotify playlist that a member of the team kindly put together.

We’ll be donating £1 from every box to the Daniel Wilkinson Foundation. These guys were to be our sponsor at this year’s Festivale, and we felt it only right to support them in any small way we can!

Included in your Festivale-Box:

  • 1 x Sleck Dust – Our original beer and a firm favourite. Blonde and easy drinking
  • 1 x Holderness Dark – A stronger, modern version of the mild that was once the country’s staple beer
  • 1 x Cold Snap – A lager-beer hybrid: it’s a little hoppier than the former, but smoother than the latter
  • 1 x Pricky Back Otchan – A golden ale with a delicate citrus bitterness
  • 1 x Frothingham Best – Our classic best bitter — named “World’s Best Bitter up to 5%” at the 2013 World Beer Awards
  • 1 x Jem’s Stout – A mahogany-coloured, traditional dark beer. Our first stout, and it’s a fan favourite to this day!
  • 1 x Yan Tan Tethera – Our take on a traditional English Pale Ale (New)
  • 1 x Koru A fruity golden ale brewed using a special blend of British and New Zealand hops (New)
  • 2 x GNB Polycarbonate Glasses
  • 2 x Dudda’s Tun Cider Bottles
  • 2 x Packets of Yorkshire Crisps (Vegan-Friendly)

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