Camping Box


Absolute essentials for the perfect getaway!

Inside your Camping Box…


  • Sleck Dust – Our original (and most popular) beer! Sleck Dust is a straw coloured, easy drinking session ale
  • Pricky Back Otchan – What do you get by adding crystal malt to British, German, and American hops? An easy-going golden ale, of course!
  • Frothingham Best – Our classic best bitter! This moderately-bittered dark ale was named “World’s Best Bitter up to 5%” at the 2013 World Beer Awards.
  • Jems Stout – A mahogany-coloured, traditional dark beer. Our first stout, and it’s a fan favourite to this day!
  • Finkle – A 5.5% American Style IPA that’s all the way from the East Coast (Yorkshire, not Florida).
  • Cold Snap – A little hoppier than a lager, but smoother than a pale ale. No matter what you call Cold Snap, it does happen to be rather tasty.


  • Blackcurrant – A zingy blend of cider and bursting blackcurrants, with a crisp apple finish.
  • Perry – A well balanced perry, with subtle honey notes.
  • Greenhorn – A light, medium cider, with crisp & refreshing green apple undertones.
  • Apricot – A delicious blend of sweet apricot and apple. Light & moreish!


  • Two packs of award-winning Yorkshire Crisps
  • Two polycarbonate Pint Glasses
  • One GNB Bottle Opener