End-of-Line Box


12-bottle box of end-of-line beers. Special Price.

Save 10% on selected boxes when you order two or more!

A box full of discounted, end-of-line beer. Why? So we can make room for more GREAT beer!

Included in your box:

4 x Jem’s Stout (4.3%) – Our mahogany-coloured, traditional stout. Features both rich coffee and deep chocolate flavours Best Before End Of Oct 23

4 x Old Fergie  (4.4%) – This tipple features a hearty blend of toffee, chocolate and biscuit flavours, all thanks to some carefully chosen British malts. It’s also just won a silver at the 2023 World Beer Awards! That officially makes Old Fergie one of England’s finest porters. Best Before End Of Nov 23

4 x  Winter Warmth (4.6%) – Brewed using some brilliantly rich and roasted chocolate malts, with just a helping of orange-esque hoppiness. Best Before End Of Nov 23

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