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Cask Beer At Home - Pop Up Party Bars | Great Newsome Brewery

Cask Beer At Home

We have just the solution if you’d like to enjoy a cask of our award winning beer at home for a party, BBQ or celebration. These smart little pop up bars can be set up both inside or outside with room to mount up to two hand pumps on the bar and space to place two 9 gallon casks underneath.

Cask Beer Cost

Bar hire is charged at £20.00 + vat with the pumps supplied for just a £50.00 refundable deposit. Our range of cask beers come in 2 different sizes, 4.5 gallon (36 pints) and 9 gallon (72 pints) which are priced at £51.50 and £93.70 respectively. Local delivery is included but remember we need to deliver at least the day before the event for it to settle, although it can be dropped bright which means it doesn’t require settling for a charge of £5.00 + vat per cask.

Keeping Cask Beer Cool

Also we offer ice sheets to keep the beer cool in hot weather plus bottle beer as a back up if you don’t want to run out. All you have to do is just decide which beer you’d like from our range.

Beer Festival

Thinking of holding your own beer festival then we have produced a quick guide on how to make your festival successful, click here.

Cask Beer Questions?

We have a great post dedicated to questions about cask beer like, how long does cask beer last?, how many pints in a barrel? and do I need to let cask beer settle?. Just click here.

If you’d like to enquire about the availability of our pop up bars and beer engines then please contact us.