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Newsome Noël: Back for Christmas | Great Newsome Brewery

Newsome Noël

Newsome Noël

We’re excited to announce that this seasonal favourite is available once again in bottles and casks. For those unaware, Newsome Noël is a zesty 5% contemporary IPA. To give it a lovely fruity aroma and zesty taste, we’ve used a delicate blend of Centennial and Cascade hops.

Fun fact: Newsome Noël is one of a few beers we’ve brought back by popular demand. We initially discontinued the IPA a few years ago to try out some other Christmas beers, but its memory remained alive in peoples’ minds. After many requests, we decided to finally bring it back last year, and to what a reception!

It warms my heart to hear these stories of people remaining passionate about a beer years after they last tasted it.

On Christmas Beers

One of our pet peeves about most Christmas beers is that they’re often over-spiced to the point that they no longer resemble ale. Fear not, however, as we’ve steered clear of spice in brewing this IPA, much preferring the fruity nuanced taste of those hops.

Where to find it

Along with all of our other award winning bottle beers, Newsome Noël is available from our online store. We can deliver online orders across the UK; click and collect is also an option for those living close to the brewery. Additionally, we’re putting Newsome Noël into 5 Litre minikegs on request, which make absolutely smashing gifts.

5 Litre Minikeg

For pubs and bars, check with the landlord. If your local is a Great Newsome regular, there’s a good to fair chance they’ll be stocking it (pardon the pun).

If you’re wanting to host your own beer night, check out our pop up bars and pump hire service.