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New Bottle Beer - Holderness Dark | Great Newsome Brewery

New Bottle Beer – Holderness Dark

Our tasty strong mild Holderness Dark is now available as a bottle beer. Holderness Dark is a celebration of the classic mild style of beer for the modern pallet.

What to try Holderness Dark in bottles? It’s available to buy here – click here

What’s in the name?

The dark, rich soils of Holderness are perfect for crops such as Great Newsome’s own malting barley. This is where the beer takes it’s name.

Fancy having a barrel of beer along with a pop up bar for your party? We can help, click here.

What does Holderness Dark taste like?

A stronger, modern version of the mild ale that was once the staple alcoholic drink in many parts of the country. Deep chestnut with aromas of sweet toffee and grassy hops. Sweet chocolate malt and hazelnut on the mouth with a long satisfying finish. Brewed with Pilgrim (UK), Northern Brewer (Germany) and Amarillo (US) hops.


When & where is Holderness Dark available?

Holderness Dark is available now from our online store and our brewery shop. It is also available from the best independent local stockists. As a cask beer it available all year round.  If you would like to order it or any of our other award winning beers then contact one of our team through the link, click here.

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