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Our New Bitter - Honkers Saddler | Great Newsome Brewery

Great Newsome’s M.O since day 1 has been to brew classic English beer styles with modern methods. We’ve made an armada of great ales, bitters, stouts and the occasional IPA, but there’s one particular style that’s not quite gotten the same level of attention from us: the ESB. Simply put, ‘Extra Special Bitter’ typically delineates a bitter of exceptional strength and balance between its flavours.

This brings us to our new bitter: Honkers Saddler. As our seasonal cask beer for September, Honkers is a 5% copper coloured extra special bitter. Whilst we’re very excited to bring you our first ESB for about 11 years, I strongly urge you to resist making bad puns calling it an ‘extra special’ occasion; this will almost certainly get you thrown out of pubs. You have been warned.

What’s in the name?

Unless the success of this new bitter creates some new slang term concerning the leisurely riding of geese, the name “Honkers Saddler” doesn’t really mean anything at all; we simply took our existing beer “Holderness Dark”, scrambled the letters, and Bob’s your uncle.

What does this ESB taste like?

Our new bitter: Honkers Saddler

Absolutely Quackers!

While there’s a little orange-like zest present from the hops, the bulk of this bitter’s full-bodied flavour comes from the malted barley. There’s more of a balanced flavour here compared to a best bitter like Frothingham Best and favouring one style over the other comes down to personal preference. As our interpretation of an ESB, Honkers is a showcase in how a higher ABV can really aid a beer; there’s just that little bit of a kick that isn’t so apparent in your typical bitter. Using a tiny amount of Black Malt has also given Honkers a very understated dark aftertaste, appearing with a superb subtlety when you swallow.

Who’s stocking Honkers?

Here’s a Google Maps list for everywhere currently stocking Honkers Saddler.

If you’d prefer a simple list, the following locations currently stock our new bitter:

  • Beverly Arms
  • Black Horse (Atwick)
  • Blacksmiths Arms (Coniston)
  • Cave Bar & Kitchen (South Cave)
  • Comus Inn (Selby)
  • Cross Keys (Cowden)
  • Dacre Arms (Brandsburton)
  • Fair Maid (Cottingham)
  • The Fleece Inn (York)
  • Golden Lion (Malton)
  • Hop & Vine (Hull)
  • Humber Tavern (Paull)
  • Kilham Beer Festival
  • Larkins (Hull)
  • Mayfield Hotel (Seamer)
  • New Inn (Beverly)
  • Roos Arms
  • Salutation Inn (Nettleton)
  • Shakespeare Inn (Hedon)
  • Ship Inn (Dunswell)
  • The Signal Box Inn (Cleethorpes)
  • Telegraph Inn (Bridlington)

Check with your landlord to see if they’ll be stocking Honkers Saddler, as this list will grow quickly as September rolls on.

Excited? Wait until you see our full range.