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New Beer - Yan Tan Tethera | Great Newsome Brewery

New Seasonal Cask Beer – Yan Tan Tethera

For the month of April we have a spanking newΒ seasonal beer, Yan Tan Tethera 3.5% abv. It will be available while stocks last in 4.5 gallon (36 pints) and 9 gallon (72 pints) .

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What’s in the name?

Yan Tan Tethera is a traditional rhyme used for counting sheep and its roots are as northern as we are. Although a bit of a mouthful, Yan Tan Tethera relates to a time before numbering systems as we know today were not typically used, especially in remote areas. So ‘yan’ would mean one, ‘tan’ two and so on. Why a name for a beer? I hear you cry, well it was another case of a great quirky name relating to rural life and we are all about that when it comes to naming beers. Remember we already have Sleck Dust, Pricky Back Otchan, Liquorice Lads Stout etc.

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What does it taste like?

We are right on trend with this beer with a statistics showing a shift to lower abv beers, with this one at 3.5% abv. This doesn’t mean it is tasteless though as we have gone for maximum flavour which is not so easy with a beer of this strength. This beer is brewed as a classic English pale ale which is a style we think is bound to make a splash in the hipster craft beer world in the next couple of years.

The beer is crafted with 100% British hops, with Admiral, Boadicea and First Gold. This creates a beautifully full-bodied herbal hop bitterness, with delicate orange fruit aroma and lingering peppery/ spicy notes.

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When is it available?

It is out in the pubs now and available throughout the month of April. If you like to order then contact one of our team through the link, click here.

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