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New Beer - Koru - Great Newsome Brewery

New Seasonal Cask Beer – Koru

Our new seasonal beer for the month of March, Koru is a little bit of a departure from our regular beers. It will be available while stocks last in 4.5 gallon (36 pints) and 9 gallon (72 pints) through the month while stocks last.

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What’s in the name?

Koru is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is a symbol in Māori art where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. ‘New life’ very much epitomises the month of March with the start of spring. Why a Māori symbol? Koru is a nod to the family (Hodgson family at Great Newsome) connections to New Zealand, with Uncle Al being a proud kiwi.

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What does it taste like?

A 4.7% golden beer, Koru is a perfect balance of fruity hoppiness and malt (we grow malting barley here’s the story). Brewed with a blend of  traditional British, Northdown and New Zealand, Wai-ti whole hops give this excellent balance. The light malt base is combines with heady peach and apricot aromas, with a well rounded bitterness.

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When is it available?

It is out in the pubs now and available throughout the month of March. If you like to order then contact one of our team through the link, click here.

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