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New Beer - Fine Fettle | Great Newsome Brewery

New Seasonal Cask Beer – Fine Fettle

For the month of May our fresh seasonal beer is,  Fine Fettle 4.1% abv. It will be available while stocks last in 4.5 gallon (36 pints) and 9 gallon  (72 pints) .

Questions about how to look after cask beer? – click here.

What’s in the name?

‘What’s the greatest month in the year?’ we asked everyone. The month of May came out top and it is no surprise based in the countryside as it is the month when everything around us is in ‘Fine Fettle’. Fine Fettle is a good old Yorkshire phrase (our April seasonal Yan Tan Tethera click here to learn more) meaning things are at their best and we think this beer does this justice. What’s not to like about May?

Fancy having a barrel of Fine Fettle for a party? We can help, click here.

What does Fine Fettle taste like?

For us golden beers are what you the beer drinkers are asking for as the weather starts to warm up. So Fine Fettle has been brewed to be the first pint you’ll enjoy in the beer garden this year. We’ve taken the spicy qualities of East Kent Golding hops to provide a well balanced bitterness. Peach and sherbet aromas come from a blend of Olicana and Amarillo hops. Olicana is our favourite new generation British hop, keep an eye out for beers brewed with it.

Get the date in your diary for our Festivale 2019.

When is Fine Fettle available?

It is out in the pubs now and available throughout the month of May including a number of beer festivals. If you would like to order it then contact one of our team through the link, click here.

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