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Koru - Limited Time Bottled Beer | Great Newsome Brewery



Undeniably, the Eggbeater is New Zealand’s greatest creation. But coming in with the humble silver medal would be my Great-Uncle Alastair. Rugby-loving, good with machines, an accent stronger than steel; the man is pretty much the Kiwi. And we love him for it! So much so, in fact, that we’ve gone and made a special beer for him.

Taking its name from the Māori word for spiral, I give you Koru: a 4.7% golden bottled beer.

Don’t worry: We mortals can drink it too.

The Taste

Kicking off your pint, Koru gently introduces you to a completely unique hoppy flavour. You’ll get modest citrusy, zesty overtones held down with well-rounded notes of peach and plum. We’ve even had reports of — wait for it — Kiwi!

New Zealand’s silver fern; a classic Koru.

This balance comes from a special blend of traditional British and New Zealand hops. The light malt base tops off Koru and gives it a smooth bitterness.


Koru will be available by mid-February, but for a limited time only. This is the first time we’ve put Koru in bottles, so make sure you get chance to try some!

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