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Italian Beer Attraction | Great Newsome Brewery

Beer Attraction 2019

Great Newsome Brewery has exhibited for the first time at Beer Attraction 2019 in Rimini, Italy’s premier beer and brewing showcase. Head Brewer Nick Hopper and Director Matthew Hodgson visited the event showcasing Great Newsome Brewery’s beers to the beer loving Italian public. The 4 day event showcases both homegrown Italian breweries but also the very best of international beers from all over the world. The Italian beer market is expected to continue its recent growth which is expected to grow at 1.2% per year between 2019 – 2023. Since 2013 Great Newsome has been visiting and exporting beer to Italy, the change in the market in that time has been astounding.

Which beers hit the spot?

Great Newsome beers were offered on a traditional beer engine to visitors at the event. World Beer Award winning Frothingham Best proved to being a firm favourite. Amber best bitters such as Frothingham Best may not seem particularly unusual or hard to find in the UK but in Italy this is certainly the case. Pricky Back Otchan also proved to be a popular style. Golden ale again is not that wide spread and a beer named after a ‘riccio’ (hedgehog) created a smile or two.

Liquorice Lads Stout also proved popular read about it here.

So why do Italian drinkers love these styles of beer?

Italian craft brewers are making some excellent beers, many of them very hoppy, IPAs etc. Feedback suggested that the appeal is because our styles are something different, more subtle, smoother and less reliant on excess hop additions. Their is also a great deal of respect for British beer tradition, much like we have an admiration for Italian cuisine. The lower alcoholic strength also sets them apart and can appeal in the very hot Italian summers.

So what can we take back from Beer Attraction?

British beer has a place in the Italian market for one. This is reflected on demand for cask beer in Italy something we started to export last year, but this is not for every bar and has its own series of challenges. Also what we took away from Beer Attraction is what the Italian craft brewers are doing exceptionally well, branding and marketing. Each is trying to differentiate themselves from each other more than we have seen in the UK. From a couture themed brewery to one which use an old floppy disk as a font badge. Some of the branding may have raised an eyebrow or two but they certainly make each standout in a giant hall full of hundreds of them.  So watch this space.