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Hot Weather? – We’ve Got Cold Beer | Great Newsome Brewery

Hot Weather.

What with the current hot, dry weather we are experiencing and yes it has hit East Yorkshire, there is certainly nothing better than a cold beer to quench the thirst. Cask beer is perfect for this and although served not as cold as lager, when it is 25oC in the beer garden then it is still very refreshing.

Cold Beer.

We know however that some of you prefer a drink that is that bit colder and even we admit to downing a chilled lager from time to time. So, after last summer we got our heads together about what could we brew to meet this demand and after a number of months of trial brewing (Here’s how we trial brew) we have come up with Buck’s Blonde. Buck’s Blonde we believe is the perfect summer beer, dispensed from a keg and ideally served at around 5oC, plus at only 3.8% abv makes it prefect for summer enjoyment. The beer is clear, delicately carbonated with a beautifully refreshing lemony edge to it and a well-balanced hop flavour. We didn’t want it to be a bland lager impersonation.

So how can I get hold of Buck’s Blonde?

(Trade Customers). If you are in the trade or one of our existing customers then 30l Kegs of Buck’s Blonde are now on sale and can be ordered for delivery throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire through our friendly sales team. If you are a trade customer outside of these areas then it can be ordered for nationwide delivery through Eebria Trade. The kegs keep fresh for up to 30 days once opened, can be dispensed with a CO2/N cellar gas mix and have a S-type fitting. Contact us if you require any further technical information.

(Private Customers). If you’d like to enjoy the Buck’s Blonde at a party at home, the no problem. A 30l keg holds about 52 pints and does not require time to settle, so it can be served immediately. For private parties the cost is £110.00 per keg which equates to about £2.00 per pint. Dispense equipment can be loaned from us and don’t forget we can have the pop-up bars to make the occasion that bit more special. Buck’s Blonde can be ordered by contacting our friendly sales team, just drop us an email and we will contact you back.


You might have already enjoyed a pint of Buck’s Blonde and if so let us know.

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