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Great Newsome wins Farm of the Year 2019! | Great Newsome Brewery

Farm of the Year: Great Newsome Farm

Farm of the Year 2019

Farm of the Year!

On the night of October the 10th, the Yorkshire Post put on its annual Rural Awards show. Not only did we win an award: we won Farm of the Year. This was an absolute honour to say the least, and all six of us from Great Newsome who attended accepted the award simultaneously!

We must sincerely thank the Yorkshire Post for putting on their Rural Awards. No matter who wins what, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Yorkshire farmer here doesn’t appreciate the Rural Awards like we do. It’s important that innovation is celebrated and hailed in the less glamorous industries, and the Yorkshire Post do a fantastic job of covering our dear county.

The 21st century has seen dramatic changes for Great Newsome. We’ve diversified into several closely related but distinct businesses, and that carries risk with it; small businesses are the most vulnerable. Winning Farm of the Year represents recognition that not only do we understand the challenges of starting businesses; we take them head-on!

Great (Old)Some Farm

Hodgsons have been farming in East Yorkshire for hundreds of years. Our ancestor Ida Mary Hodgson bought the land for Great Newsome Farm in the 1920s, and we’ve been here ever since! Matthew and Jonathon are the fourth generation of Hodgsons to be farming this land, with both recognising that there was potential here for more than just agriculture.

As I’m sure is familiar to most of you regulars, we started brewing beer in 2007. Beginning as a 1-man operation, we’ve since expanded to a close-knit team of eleven. With us upgrading to a new brewing system in the very near future (Monday) and putting on more events than ever before, things are looking brighter than ever!

2015 brought with it the Little Otchan Hut (named after everyone’s favourite golden ale). Why no-one else had decided to use Holderness’ beautiful woodland for nice little getaways remains a mystery for us. We quickly found that yes, people do in fact like to take holidays in cosy and out of the way locations. Nothing’s concrete yet, but a future expansion is looking more and more likely. We could call it the Slightly-larger Otchan Hut…

The Little Otchan Hut: Great Newsome Getaways!

The Little Otchan Hut

Most recent is our acquisition of Holderness Logs, established in 2015 by neighbouring farmer Steve Biglin. The sustainable wood and thorough drying techniques used acquired Holderness Logs a reputation for quality. Steve decided to pursue other interests in 2019, so we offered to take over. We’ve since been relentlessly cutting up, drying out and delivering logs all around East Yorkshire ever since. This has all been in spite of a record heatwave; never mind when it actually gets cold!

Looking to a Green Future

Where does Great Newsome go from here? Well, our main focus in these last few years has been on getting our businesses greener. There’re always new ways to support the environment, and we simply see it as our responsibility to future generations. That’s why we’ve planted over 3 kilometers of hedges in just 4 years, why we’re experimenting with replacing our plastics (see also), and why we’ve been using solar panels for half a decade. We’re also currently experimenting with better ways of managing our land’s topsoil. We’ll keep you updated as we find new ways to cut down on unsustainable resources in the future.

Holderness Logs

Holderness Logs

To close this lengthy article off, we at Great Newsome are really, really proud to have won Farm of the Year! We work hard for what we believe in, and plan to keep doing just that. Cheers!