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Frothingham Best New Look Same Great Beer. | Great Newsome Brewery

Frothingham Best’s, New Look.

Frothingham Best our multi World Beer Award winning best bitter is getting a make over. Inspired by the origins of the Frothingham name we’ve added the sign post that points you to the home of great beer.

Where did the Frothingham Best name come from?

Frothingham was the name of the small hamlet where the Frothingham family originated and the home of Great Newsome Brewery. Nowadays the hamlet is named South Frodingham as the name has evolved over the years. Notably members of the Frothingham family emigrated to the US back in the 1600’s and were early settler’s of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Frothingham Best, new branding, same great beer.

Those of you wondering if we have changed the recipe for this great beer along with the branding? The answer is no. The recipe and the way we brew Frothingham Best has not changed since we first brewed it in 2008. Simply it is a combination of Yorkshire water, home grown malt, the finest hops and our distinctive yeast. It takes 2 weeks to brew, ferment and condition the beer to get the perfect pint.

Available to buy online, click here.

Frothingham Best, Available When & Where?

Frothingham Best is available now from our online store and our brewery shop to enjoy at home. It is also widely available from the best local stockists. If you would like to order Frothingham Best cask beer to serve in your bar, pub, or home bar or any of our other award winning beers then contact one of our team through the link, click here.

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Frothingham Best Pump Badges From The Past.

Circa 2007.










Circa 2010










Circa 2013.










Circa 2016