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Finkle, Rebottling an IPA, and Halley's Comet | Great Newsome Brewery

Bear with me here, I promise I’m getting to Finkle. Honest.

The Comet

Every man and his dog knows about Halley’s comet. Appearing briefly every 75 years, it’s a legendary symbol of the cosmos that unites all who witness it with both its timeless and fleeting nature. Its temporary existence in our skies grants it that much more of a reputation as something truly unmissable.

I’m not sure if reading this on gave this away, but we’re actually brewers (not astronomers). We know that even the keenest lover of real ale would sooner drink lager than wait three quarters of a century for a good pint. But it got us thinking: what if there was a beer that was also a bit of a rarity? A special drink that only popped up once or twice a year (not a lifetime)?


The Beer

Let me introduce you to Finkle. It’s a 5.5% American Style IPA all the way from the East Coast (that’s Yorkshire, not Florida). Trademark of the style and unlike most of our English style beers, the hops take centre stage with Finkle. With generous amounts of El Dorado and Chinook hops, Finkle boasts some gobsmacking lychee and grapefruit flavours. Underpinning this zesty intensity is a classic full-bodied bitterness you can expect from all Great Newsome Beers.

The Rebottling

Due to fervent popular demand, Finkle has a habit of popping up every once in a blue moon as a cask beer. For the first time in quite a long while and for a limited time only, we’re rebottling Finkle. The IPA will have likely been bottled and 100% ready for excessive sampling sale by the time this article is online. So, give it a try while you can! It’s not quite as rare as Halley’s Comet, but at least you can enjoy Finkle from a pint glass!