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Do We Brew Gluten Free Beer? - Great Newsome Brewery

Gluten Free Beer. Gluten free products are becoming more widely available and with good reason. Many people have a serious intolerance of gluten and are very aware of the effects gluten has on their health.

Gluten free or low gluten beers can be made a number of ways,

  • Brewing without wheat malt can reduce the gluten within the beer to low levels which for some people with a gluten intolerance can be safe but is not gluten free.
  • Gluten can be removed from a beer brewed with ingredients predominantly malts which have high gluten levels by adding enzymes in the brewing process.
  • Beer can be brewed using gluten free ingredients such as corn or rice. This does create a distinctive tasting beer which will taste different to many comparable beers brewed with traditional ingredients.

Whichever method is used the brewer must have each beer batch tested in a certified laboratory to prove the gluten free or low gluten status of the beer.

Do we produce a gluten free beer? The straight answer to that is no, not at the moment.

Why don’t we produce a gluten free beer? Two reasons mainly, firstly we listen to what you the customer wants us to produce and simply up to this point not enough people have asked us for gluten free beer. I think honesty is the best policy on this one and as a business needs to make money we have to produce what is going to sell.

Secondly if we did brew a gluten free beer, let us say a light golden beer, my concern is that we’d be asked then if we could produce a dark beer, followed by a lager and so on. People like different styles of beer, right. Before we know it we could end up with a huge number of gluten free beers alongside our regular ones. This would be impossible for us to manage.


What’s the solution? Firstly, we need to know that many of you are missing out on our range of beers because they are not gluten, so please contact us and let us know. Secondly check what styles of beer we brew and tell us what styles of our beers you’d like us to brew gluten free. As with everything we do we are driven by what you want us to create and with enough responses we will look to create a gluten free beer.

If you have any further questions about the suitability of any of our products to your dietary requirements then please contact us. Also if you are looking for a gluten free product to stock in your bar then contact us as we can recommend some good gluten free products.