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Tyto Alba | Great Newsome Brewery

Tyto Alba

This hoppy ale knows a thing or two about subtlety. Great smacks of lemon and peach swoop in from above, gliding to the back of the palate for a graceful, well-rounded aftertaste. The perfect pale for a proper pint.

Behind the name

Short version: Tyto Alba means Barn Owl in Latin.

Long version: Months ago, we found a small barn owl struggling on the farmstead. She’d been blown 80 miles off course during a storm the night before, and things weren’t looking too great. So, after handing her over to a local owl expert and giving the poor thing a few weeks to recover, we released her back into the wild. It was a very humbling moment, and we felt it only right to name a beer after her.

Available In: Bottles

ABV: 5.6%Type: Pale Ale
Try with: Spicy Curries, FishFans will like: Sleck Dust, Yan Tan Tethera