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Ashes cricket & harvest inspire the return of 2 popular beers | Great Newsome Brewery

New ideas.

We like creating new things. New pump clips, new packaging, and of course, new beer. We know that giving our team the freedom to play around with ingredients and fine-tune our recipes down to the last hop is important for attaining that quality, plain and simple.

Ashes cricket & harvest on the farm.

Having said that, we do recognise that classic beers are often just that: classic. Sometimes you just can’t beat em, and so with increasingly fervent demand, thirst, and nostalgia, we’re excited to announce the long-awaited return of two beloved fan-favourite cask beers: Harvest’s Gold, and Line & Length.


Harvest’s Gold

If you never got to experience these beers the first time around, here’s a whistle-stop tour on what’s what. Harvest’s Gold is a 4.7% golden ale with hints of honey and orange. First Gold hops really bring out those succulent flavours in this beer and help set it apart from your typical golden ale.





Line & 


Line & Length, on the other hand, is a 4.1% golden bitter. As you might have guessed, traditionally we brewed this beer to line up with the cricket. We, like other Englishmen, are still trying to find our bearings after the New Zealand world cup final, and you’ll be happy to know that this beer’s a little sweeter than most bitters. That’s mostly thanks to the Caramalt we use, but the cricket helps.

If it ain’t broke…….

We haven’t touched these recipes at all since their last brews — if it ain’t broke, we won’t bloomin fix it — and they’ll all be available from your local in the coming days and weeks. So ask your landlord when you’re getting your share, and let us know how it goes. Ta-ra!

Interested in these cask beers? Then contact one of friendly team by clicking here.

By James Hodgson. Brewery Assistant.

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