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Accentuating the rural in vibrant craft beer sector | Great Newsome Brewery

Great Newsome Brewery’s deep connections with the great British countryside are being highlighted as we forge ahead in our second decade.

After last year’s 10th anniversary celebrations, we have unveiled new rural theme branding with English springer spaniel mascot Jem getting star billing.

We have also launched our new website in a bid to strengthen our relationship with local communities and increase business across the UK and Europe.

Matthew Hodgson, managing director, said the brewery’s success was built on classic easy drinking beers with a modern twist.

“The craft beer sector is vibrant and we want to better highlight our brand attributes and the Great Newsome story to differentiate our products in a very competitive market,” he said.

Production began on 2007, as the trend for real ale and local products took hold, ending a patient wait for the time to strike.

Mr Hodgson added: “We are always looking for ways to take the business forward.  Introducing bold new bottle labels and pump clips two years ago proved successful and now we’ve gone to the next stage by presenting what we’re sure will be memorable imagery.

“It will also help to increase our audiences’ connection with Great Newsome by helping them to identify with the brand and be part of the brewery community.”

Our East Yorkshire brewery, owned by the fourth generation of the Hodgson family, is part of an arable farm where crops include all the malting barley needed.

Names of Great Newsome’s beers, which have gained widespread acclaim, are inspired by the local environment and dialect.

Sleck Dust, Pricky Back Otchan and Jem’s Stout, all from 2007, remain popular, as does World Beer Award-winning Frothingham Best bitter, introduced in the following year.

All told, the brewery produces more than 20 beers annually – from lager-style beers to stouts. New introductions later this this year include robust bitter Hod Me Dods and classic brown ale Old Fergie.

Beer name guide

Sleck Dust – quenching thirst

Pricky Back Otchan – hedgehog

Jem’s Stout – after the family dog mascot

Frothngham Best – old name for Frodingham

Hod Me Dods – snail

Old Fergie – iconic tractor